Bob Drury

Bob began playing the guitar in his early teens and played extensively in both acoustic and electric styles before taking up the nylon strung classical guitar. He started formal lessons in his mid-twenties and progressed through practical and theory music grades with Trinity College London and ABRSM. In the mid 1990s Bob entered full time music education at Canterbury Christ Church University College graduating in 1998 with a BA (Hons) in music and again in 2000 with an MA in music performance. Bob's mentor for MA was the internationally renowned player John Mills. In 2015 Bob presented a recital for Trinity College London and was awarded an ATCL performers certificate. He is a well established professional musician and teacher and in recent years, adding to a discography of recordings, has been inspired to publish and record a series of original pieces for solo classical guitar.


Due to Covid, no performances are scheduled. Concerts and bookings should be possible from mid 2021. For enquiries please call or email. Future performances will be listed on the Concerts page of this site. Past concert series have included "An Evening with the Spanish Guitar', 'Guitarra Romantica' and 'The Segovia Legacy'. Recent ensemble projects include 'The Guitar Conspiracy' a seven piece classical ensemble (Canterbury Festival 2019).


Bob's CDs, listed below, can be purchased via the Store page of this site. 

Guitarra Romantica 

  1. Lagrima, Francisco Tárrega
  2. Romanza, Anon
  3. Prelude No. 7 Opus 28, Frédéric Chopin
  4. Capricho Arabe, Francisco Tárrega
  5. El Noi De La Mare, Catalan Trad, arr. Llobet
  6. Recuerdos De La Alhambra, Francisco Tárrega
  7. Gavottes BWV 1012, J.S. Bach arr. Segovia
  8. Andante Largo, Fernando Sor arr. Segovia
  9. Cavatina, Stanley Myers arr. John Williams
  10. Prelude No. 3, Heitor Villa-Lobos
  11. Prelude No. 4, Heitor Villa-Lobos
  12. Prelude No 5, Heitor Villa-Lobos
  13. Sons De Carrilhões, João Pernamuca
  14. Tango En Skaï, Roland Dyens
  15. What A Wonderfull World, Theile & Weiss
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música  de España

  1. Prelude No. 2, Francisco Tárrega
  2. Capricho Arabe, Francisco Tárrega
  3. Sonata, Mateo Albéniz arr. Pujol
  4. Tientos, Alonso Mudarra
  5. Romanesque, Alonso Mudarra
  6. Fantasia, Alonso Mudarra
  7. Study In B Minor, Fernando Sor
  8. Ejercicio, José Ferrer
  9. Sonatina, Federico Moreno Torroba
  10. El Testemente De N'Amelia, Trad arr. Llobet
  11. Homenaje, Manuel De Falla
  12. Astorias (Leyenda) Isaac Albéniz arr. Drury
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  1. On The River
  2. Dance For A Faerie King
  3. Ralph's Lament
  4. The Clockwork Ballerina
  5. Waltz In The Forest Of Sighs
  6. Caravan
  7. A Journey Begins
  8. Storm Clouds
  9. Bluebell Wood
  10. Celtic Roots
  11. A Clear Night Sky
  12. A Last Waltz
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Bob's compositions for classical guitar, listed below, can be purchased from the Store page on this site.

A Tinker's Tale

For Solo Guitar and Narrator - A new fable telling the tale of Pieter the tinker who rescues the town boatbuilder's daughter from an evil Faerie King. Based in the imaginary kingdom of Ollencrek and illustrated with five solo guitar compositions. Standard guitar notation plus tablature. The tracks appear on Bob's CD 'Images' available on this site.
  1. On The River
  2. Dance For A Faerie King
  3. Ralph's Lament
  4. The Clockwork Ballerina
  5. Waltz In The Forest Of Sighs

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Six Sketches for Solo guitar

Bob's first publication presents six original solo guitar pieces ranging from around grade 2 to grade 5. Standard guitar notation. The tracks appear on Bob's CD 'Images' available on this site.
  1. Caravan
  2. A Journey Begins
  3. Bluebell Wood
  4. Celtic Roots
  5. A Clear Night Sky
  6. A Last Waltz
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